Axis is working in the area of education improvement for the last 10 years. We are mastering every area of education improvement in Bangladesh. Very soon we will reach global territory without the strongest education development staff.
We are very much experts in General Education and Technical Vocational Education and Training Sector.
Axis has a lengthy track record in implementing projects in the various disciplines of Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and employment with a special focus on labor market-oriented operations. We make sure that the concrete support services we give are based on actual private sector needs to guarantee that training initiatives convert into increased employment.
We are concerned about helping the education industry. The following organizations are listed:
  • Axis Global Learning and Assessment Service (AGLAS) – Working in course design, accreditation, evaluation, and associated areas.
  • CBT&A Center – This Organization Was Created to Support the Technical and Vocational Sector’s Specialized Sector. This firm will offer Training, Competency-Based Learner Material Development, and other related services.
Our services cover all aspects of an integrated approach for the promotion of employment, i.e. increasing employability through TVET measures; supporting the creation and retention of jobs through strengthening private sector development, and supporting the matching between employers and future employees.

Like as

  • Institution capacity development through staff capacity building
  • Project management, monitoring & evaluation
  • Strategic & operational planning
  • Review & maintenance of project systems & budgets
  • Developing TVET competency-based structures & standards
  • Developing qualification frameworks & pathways from school-TVET-university
  • Development of quality systems, policies, procedures, forms & processes
  • Conducting gap & training needs analysis
  • Developing competency-based curriculum, learning resources & assessment tools & strategies
  • Designing storyboards & online learning materials
  • Conducting, analysing & reporting on qualitative & quantitative labour market research
  • Monitoring & evaluation of TVET systems, training outcomes, labour market needs
  • Pedagogy, andragogy & teacher training
  • TVET institution management & compliance
  • Reporting & analysing information to measure TVET quality, outcomes, relevance, performance, and continuous improvement using feedback on employer satisfaction, learner engagement, competency completion rates & training outcomes
  • Providing professional development training & mentoring programs
  • Customising training material
  • Preparing funding submissions
  • Speaking at seminars & professional workshops
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