Business consulting is all about drawing the attention of business owners, entrepreneurs, startups or established businesses for improving their efficiency and overall performance. These professionals evaluate their businesses and create suitable solutions to fulfill their objectives. A smart business consultant plans out effective strategies to help clients develop their business skills and expertise. Improving the efficiency of clients’ business is why consultants are hired.

Leaders make many decisions every day, but strategic planning decisions focus on where to allocate different resources (money, people, time) to achieve the desired objective of the organization.

Axis Meta‘s management consultant / strategic planning facilitator can help you determine which specific strategic initiatives are going to get you what you want, and which ones are leading you away from what you want. We work with you and your team to figure out what those things are through market research, competitive analysis, scenario planning, and professional experience.

Even successful organizations will benefit from working with a facilitator, especially if they are working towards sustained growth, optimizing team performance, or developing board leaders.


What types of business consulting services we offer?


Contract Management Services

Our contract management services support our customers in managing their contracts from start-up to award, compliance, and closing. Our procurement/contract management services cover:

  • Assistance in procurement planning, market research, and procurement strategy
  • Development of document acquisition (e.g., RFI, RFP, RFQ, etc.)
  • Assistance in the evaluation of proposals and selection of sources
  • Support for contract management, documentation, auditing, and closing
  • Support for cost/price and cost/benefit analysis
  • Support for invoice processing
  • Support for record and file management
  • Contract management studies and analyzes

Financial Management Support Services

Our financial management support services range from the analysis, modification, and/or adaptation of accounting systems or techniques through comprehensive knowledge of financial policies and regulations to several unusual accounting problems or conditions.

  • Identify and monitor system transactions and performance to identify trends or anomalies and their importance for ongoing operations and programs of agencies
  • Contribute to the identification and implementation of changes to the directives in existing policies and procedures
  • Check the correct use of funds
  • Monitor financial activity status
  • Review internal financial and accounting operations, regulations, and procedures to ensure that applicable laws, directives, and rules are complied with;
  • Develop specific corrective measures to address and ensure compliance

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

As companies continue to seek different ways to foster growth and drive success in a changing economy, Recruitment Process Outsourcing help organization in building highly effective teams and minimize the overall hiring cost.

Axis Meta work as an integral part of the client where they are responsible for overall hiring needs. Axis Meta works on pay per success model with onsite and back-end teams reducing the liability of the client.

Some benefits of using Axis Meta services are as follows:

  • Highly standardized recruitment processes.
  • Reduced cycle time-to-fill rates
  • Efficient sourcing strategies to build rich talent pipeline.
  • Delivering higher quality services
  • Highly committed engagement team that ensures dedicated services.
  • Removing the administrative burden & enabling organizations to focus on value-creating and strategic activities.

Utility Management Services

Axis Meta’s utility management services support our clients’ needs in the administration of utility accounts and analysis of utility cost and consumption patterns. These services are designed to take the workload off the client by providing effective and efficient account administration and management; timely processing and distribution of invoices and correspondence from utility providers; identification of anomalies and unusual cost or consumption patterns; and a robust online system to support documentation, record-keeping, data analysis, and reporting needs.

Our utility management services include:

  • Establishing and maintaining an online database of facilities, utility providers/commodities/rates, accounts, and meters
  • Receiving, processing, and distributing utility invoices and correspondence
  • Entering invoice data and scanned invoices into the online database
  • Analyzing and reporting utility cost and consumption data
  • Serving as a liaison between clients and utility companies
  • Documenting and maintaining records to support auditing and financial reconciliation

Business Effective Services

n an increasingly competitive environment, innovative technologies and techniques that enhance business effectiveness play a vital part in sustaining the competitive edge of companies. Our services in this area include –

  • Integrated Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Strategic Cost Reduction
  • Operations management

Business Strategy

The success and growth of any business enterprise is a consequence of a set of strategic actions. The range of services we offer in strategyBusiness Strategy range from advise on entry strategy for companies desiring to set-up business in Bangladesh to feasibility studies for expansion / diversification of established businesses.
The scope of our services include –

Entry Strategy / Establishing Business in Bangladesh
  • Assistance in setting up liaison office in Bangladesh
  • Assistance in obtaining Foreign Investment approval, for solo and joint venture entry
  • Identification of joint venture partners
  • Company incorporation and related government approvals
  • Advise on greenfield project Vs take-over of existing plant/operations
  • Review of regulatory, tax and legal environment
Business Strategy
  • Evaluation of strategic alternatives
  • Identification of opportunities for diversification and expansion of operations
  • Diagnostic studies including SWOT analysis
  • Review of corporate plans and policies
  • Turnaround/revitalisation strategies
Feasibility Studies
  • Industry/market assessment
  • Competitive scenario analysis
  • Financial feasibility and pre-feasibility studies (including financial projections and project sensitivity analysis)
Technical appraisal
  • Location and site evaluation
  • Technology life cycle analysis
  • Recommendations on technology options in the local context



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