As the identification and intention for the implementation of the project grow, the depth of the study for the probable project increases. Further analyses of the details relevant to such a project become imperative. The feasibility study report (FSR) contains sufficient detailed information. It is from the study of the pre-feasibility or feasibility study report that approval is made by the project owner / sponsor / investor for the investment on the project or for a request to prepare the DPR.
Preparation of DPR is a costly and challenging process that may extend to long period of strenuous work by experts, and requires reports of specialists from different streams such as market research, engineering (civil, mechanical, metallurgical, electrical, electronics), finance, etc. carefully considered prior the final drafting of the DPR which must minimize technical uncertainties going forward. A good DPR must be based on attested Technology and Design to minimize the risk of failure. Our expert project support team relies on our extensive data and global connections to formulate the most cost effective DPR with attested technology and design. Project location benefits, availability of easily accessible resources, project capacity, etc. are extremely important aspects of any detailed project report and we take full care to make sure these have been assessed accurately while preparing the DPR. Similarly, government policies (both at the state as well as central levels), public attitude towards projects, rehabilitation concerns, etc., must be squarely dealt with since most projects are planned over a long term horizon. The below are included in a

DPR we prepare:

  • Project Summary
  • Market Report
  • Technical details with the process involved and the plant layout,
  • Plant and Machinery and other equipment as required for the project,
  • Project Schedule
  • Organization/ Management Structure
  • Financial details of project costs, source of financing
  • Cost of Production,
  • Projected Profit and Loss Account,
  • Projected Balance Sheet,
  • Projected Cash Flow Statement,
  • Interest and Commitment Charges,
  • Working Capital Requirements
  • ​Debt Service Coverage


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