A vibrant, bankable financial model is the heart of every project. The task of building an abstract representation (a mathematical model designed to represent the performance of any project) of a real world financial situation is a job cut out for the specialists and experts. Applications of a financial model include:

  • Business valuation, especially discounted cash flow, but including other valuation approaches
  • Scenario planning and management decision making
  • Capital budgeting, including cost of capital (i.e. weighted average cost of capital or WACC) calculations
  • Financial statement analysis / ratio analysis (including of operating- and finance leases, and R&D)
  • Project finance modeling
  • Cash flow forecasting and ALM-related
  • Credit decisioning: Credit analysis and Consumer credit risk; impairment- and provision-modelling
  • Working capital- and treasury management
  • Management accounting: Activity-based costing, Profitability analysis, Cost analysis

The project’s finance team can’t be agile with a manual, error-prone and fragmented financial planning and analysis (FP&A) process. To ensure real time reaction and financial decision making, we provide the ability to synthesize information from all data sources, uncover trends and deliver insights faster than ever. We help accelerate your FP&A by automating data collection, aggregation and validation. We help align operational tactics with financial plans to understand what’s truly going to drive a project and to steer project performance. Our expert project support services team, with its access to cutting edge technology, provides dynamic solution to devise financial models that takes care of every financial aspect of any project. This is a highly technical and analytical work involving financial analysts, economists, accountants, engineers, and legal & taxation experts.

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