Skill Ecosystem of Bangladesh by AXIS

Skill Ecosystem of Bangladesh’s introduces by AXIS to improve Bangladesh’s TVET sector.

An ecosystem is a collection of organizations and services that perform all roles. Every ecosystem has unique participants. Some participants are interconnected with one another or with other players in the various ecosystems, while others play separate roles. In the Skill ecosystem, key entities such as industries, training service providers, curriculum development organizations, etc., play crucial roles. AXIS built an Ecosystem for the Bangladesh sector to give the best services and products with consideration for all system actors.

Here are the activities and AXIS’s players for the TVET Ecosystem.

Accreditation and Assessment service in Bangladesh for TVET by AXIS

AGLAS (Axis Global Learning and Assessment Services) will serve this duty. The primary objective of AGLAS is to integrate local and international courses within the context of Bangladeshi education. TVET is a focal point. We will organize additional courses to assist the Bangladeshi government’s TVET system.

Policy and Research Service for TVET in Bangladesh by AXIS

This is one of the gaps in the Bangladeshi TVET system. Axis will be responsible for research and policy development. The TVET Academy will play a significant role in this part. TVET Academy will also play a significant role in enhancing the capabilities of TVET stakeholders through training and other means. Not the Skill Development.

Media for TVET in Bangladesh by AXIS

Without media, no system can reach the appropriate audience; AXIS’s TVET Bangladesh Magazine, BDTRAINING.COM, and many more will play the media function in this case.

TVET Training Management service by AXIS

CBT&A Center will provide this function. It will connect Training Service Providers, industries, and the government.

Career and Placement for TVET in Bangladesh by AXIS

The most essential part of the Ecosystem. The protagonists of this area are Job Center 360 and It will facilitate the placement of graduates in the workforce. It will also provide career guidance for graduates of TVET programs. We will collaborate with authorized agencies on International Manpower Outsourcing projects.

TVET Governance by AXIS

AXIS will act this function. It will serve as the entire system’s Governance. It will operate the Apprentice and Labor Market Information systems, among others.


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