Skill Ecosystem of Bangladesh (SEB) Program

The Skill Ecosystem of Bangladesh (SEB) program is run by Axis Meta Limited. It creates a comprehensive ecosystem of organizations and services that contribute to Bangladesh’s skill development landscape. The program understands that ecosystems have interconnected people who play unique roles to drive system performance.

Industries, training service providers, curriculum development groups, and others are crucial to the Skill Ecosystem. These entities work together to create and supply job-market-relevant skills.

Axis Meta, the program’s leader, wants to create an ecosystem with the best Bangladeshi services and products. The initiative prioritizes industry partners, training providers, curriculum authors, and other stakeholders’ demands. SEB aspires to create a holistic and inclusive skill development ecosystem that achieves the highest standards by considering these actors’ perspectives and contributions.

Axis Meta promotes skill ecosystem collaboration, innovation, and improvement through management and coordination. The initiative aims to create a space where participants may collaborate, share expertise, and improve Bangladesh’s talent landscape. By creating a collaborative and friendly environment, the SEB initiative hopes to boost the country’s workforce.



The Skill Ecosystem of Bangladesh (SEB) program is designed to establish a comprehensive and interconnected ecosystem that enhances the skill development landscape in Bangladesh. It strives to achieve several key objectives: fostering collaboration and coordination among essential stakeholders such as industries, training providers, and curriculum developers; aligning skill development with job market demands to boost employment prospects and economic growth; promoting inclusivity and providing high-quality services to meet diverse skill development needs; cultivating a culture of collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement within the skill ecosystem; and ultimately contributing significantly to the overall development and prosperity of Bangladesh’s workforce by empowering individuals with relevant skills and positively impacting socioeconomic development.


Program Details

The SEB Program focuses on advancing skill development through tailored training and vocational education in collaboration with industry stakeholders to align competencies with market demands. It fosters industry collaboration, involving educational institutions, businesses, and government organizations in curriculum development and job placements to ensure the delivery of industry-relevant skills. Moreover, the program actively supports entrepreneurship and innovation through mentorship, funding, and business development services, aiming to generate employment opportunities and stimulate economic growth. Additionally, it places a strong emphasis on digital literacy, leveraging technology-enabled learning platforms to impart essential digital skills in recognition of their increasing importance in today’s digital economy.


Area of Intervention

  • Accreditation and Assessment service in Bangladesh for TVET
  • Policy and Research Service for TVET in Bangladesh
  • Media for TVET in Bangladesh
  • TVET Training Management service
  • Career Development and Job Placement
  • Industry Management and Apprenticeship Management
  • Library Management
  • International Collaboration
  • TVET Entrepreneurship
  • Labour Market Information System


Projects Under the Programs

  • Establishing a Career Development Center (ECDC)
  • Enhance Entrepreneurial Ecosystem – E3 Project
  • Strengthening Industry Skill Council (SISC)
  • English For TVET
  • BETTER Network