Education Development

For the past decade, Axis Meta has been at the forefront of educational advancement in Bangladesh. Our expertise spans across all facets of educational enhancement in the country, and we are poised to make our mark globally, backed by our exceptional education development team.

We pride ourselves on our proficiency in both General Education and the Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Sector.

Our extensive experience in the TVET sector is evidenced by our numerous successful projects, particularly those that align with labor market demands. We are deeply committed to ensuring our support services resonate with the actual needs of the private sector, aiming to translate our training endeavors into tangible employment outcomes.

Axis Meta’s offerings encapsulate a comprehensive strategy to boost employment. This includes augmenting employability via TVET initiatives, fortifying the private sector’s development to foster job creation and retention, and facilitating the seamless pairing of employers with their future workforce.

Such as:

  • Institution capacity development through staff capacity building
  • Project management, monitoring & evaluation
  • Strategic & operational planning
  • Review & maintenance of project systems & budgets
  • Developing TVET competency-based structures & standards
  • Developing qualification frameworks & pathways from school-TVET-university
  • Development of quality systems, policies, procedures, forms & processes
  • Conducting gap & training needs analysis
  • Developing competency-based curriculum, learning resources & assessment tools & strategies
  • Designing storyboards & online learning materials
  • Conducting, analysing & reporting on qualitative & quantitative labour market research
  • Monitoring & evaluation of TVET systems, training outcomes, labour market needs
  • Pedagogy, andragogy & teacher training
  • TVET institution management & compliance
  • Reporting & analysing information to measure TVET quality, outcomes, relevance, performance, and continuous improvement using feedback on employer satisfaction, learner engagement, competency completion rates & training outcomes
  • Providing professional development training & mentoring programs
  • Customising training material
  • Preparing funding submissions
  • Speaking at seminars & professional workshops

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