OMR Solutions Services

OMR Solutions Bangladesh (A Brand of AXIS Meta) is a Dedicated OMR Service Provider in Bangladesh provides various types of Document consultancy services in Bangladesh and abroad also. AXIS Meta provides various range of OMR-related services in Bangladesh, like OMR form Print, OMR form Design, OMR form Scanning service and OMR machinery sales all over Bangladesh. AXIS Meta  provides a range of services to Government, Semi-Government and private organizations since 2004.

OMR Solutions Bangladesh is provided all types of OMR  in OMR industry in Bangladesh

OSB provide the following services to Bangladeshi clients only:

  • OMR Machine sales and service
  • OMR Software
  • Analysis design of OMR Form and Process
  • OMR Consulting and project management
  • OMR sheet scanning
  • OMR forms design printing

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