Project Management

Our project and contract managers provide project control, start to finish, in order to adhere to budgets and schedules.  Our services include:

Project Administrative Support

To ensure that your project is completed successfully, we also provide project administrative support.   Several roles complement the project manager(s) to efficiently execute programs and projects:

  • Project Schedulers
  • Project Planners
  • Document Administrators

These roles represent the backbone of project management and we provide technically skilled project personnel who make sure our project managers and our clients have accurate information upon which to base business decisions.

Project Management Services

AXIS abides by the most effective principles and practices of project management, ensuring that all projects are completed in a timely manner and to the highest possible standard. Every one of our project managers has the appropriate combination of qualifications, including PMP certifications, as well as experience working in a variety of industries.

The following is a list of the benefits that our project managers provide to each and every client engagement:

  • Framework: A framework for the management of a project is a collection of processes, activities, and tools that, when put into place, offer direction and structure for the execution of a project. The framework assists organizations in mapping out the progression of the individual project steps, beginning with the initiation of the project and ending with the completion of the project. The framework takes into account every facet of the project, from the essential resources and technologies to the particular procedures and responsibilities. From the time an idea is conceived until the project is finished, our work is guided by a specific framework that has been formalized into a standard operating procedure and defines the processes and practices involved.
  • Consistency: Because of our competence in project management, we have been able to maintain a consistent level of quality delivery.
  • Professionalism: Our professionals have a great level of expertise in the project management work they do, which will guarantee that work will progress and that assignments will be finished on time.
  • Risk assessment: Our experts are able to conduct accurate risk assessments and take the necessary precautions to reduce the overall costs and overheads associated with the project.
  • Development: Our project managers gain valuable knowledge from working on each and every one of our projects. We expand in tandem with the growth of the client and take on progressively more difficult assignments.

Monitoring And Evaluation (M&E) Support Services

Governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), civil society, donors, and international organizations are among a diverse stakeholder base requiring monitoring and evaluation of programs, projects, and policies against missions and objections.

AXIS experts assist in the design and implementation of Monitoring and Evaluation processes, working with client counterparts. Our subject matter experts initially conduct a “Readiness Review & Assessment” (RRA) to determine adherence to program/project objectives, and subsequently define key results indicators and implement data collection and reporting mechanisms.

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