Agreement signing ceremony between Axis and Ideal Institute of Science & Technology (IIST) for Establishing Career Development Center (ECDC)

Mr. Khan Mohammad Mahmud Hasan, Director, Innovation and Skill Development, AXIS and Mr. Dr. Sheikh Abu Reza, Director, Ideal Institute of Science & Technology (IIST) are seen exchanging documents at a signing ceremony between two organizations which took place at IIST, 105, Senpara Parbota, Mirpur-10, Dhaka-1216 on Sunday, October 09, 2022.

This is a initiate under AXIS Skill ECO System

Under this agreement, AXIS under Establishing Career Development Center (ECDC) Project will provide technical assistance to IIST to establish Bangladesh’s First Private Technical Institute’s Career Development center. Under this collaboration, and launch an extended fully functional CDC at the Ideal Institute of Science & Technology (IIST).
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