SkillBridge Project Launched: Building a Roadmap for a Skilled Bangladeshi Workforce

Dhaka, Bangladesh – March 31, 2024 – A groundbreaking initiative, the SkillBridge Project, was launched today with the ambitious goal of creating a comprehensive occupational mapping system for Bangladesh. This system aims to revolutionize skills development by aligning it directly with the current and future needs of the nation’s industries.

Bridging the Skills Gap

The SkillBridge Project is a collaborative effort, bringing together a team of government officials, industry leaders, academic experts, and training specialists. This diverse group will work towards:

  • Researching Existing Occupations: A thorough examination of the existing occupational landscape in Bangladesh will be conducted.
  • Analyzing International Frameworks: The project will leverage best practices from internationally recognized occupational mapping systems.
  • Developing a National System: This system will classify skills, define occupational levels, map qualifications to specific jobs, and identify core competencies required for each profession.

Building a User-Friendly System

The SkillBridge Project is committed to creating a user-friendly system that caters to all stakeholders. Through pilot testing, refinement, and capacity-building programs for relevant parties, the project will ensure:

  • Online Resources: Easy access to the occupational mapping system and its resources through a dedicated online platform.
  • Training Programs: Development of training programs aligned with the identified skills and competencies.

Expected Benefits

The SkillBridge Project is envisioned to have a transformative impact on Bangladesh’s workforce and economy. By creating a comprehensive roadmap, the project is expected to:

  • Increase Mapped Occupations: Bring a wider range of professions under the occupational mapping framework.
  • Improve Skills Training Alignment: Ensure training programs effectively equip workers with the skills industries demand.
  • Enhance Worker Mobility: Empower workers to transition between jobs within their skillsets more easily.
  • Widespread Adoption: Become the go-to resource for both employers and job seekers.

Ultimately, the SkillBridge Project aims to cultivate a more skilled and adaptable workforce in Bangladesh, leading to significant economic growth and greater opportunities for individuals across the nation.

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